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Author: wardog_xv

Readme File:

place folder and module file into company of heroes folder and place the ucs file into engine/locale/english

---to run---

add " -modname Warfare_Realism -dev" to you company of heroes shortcut under target at the end of target line.

--What it Does--

i was inspired, one by my friend who kept on naggin me about the population limit and resource points on lan. the second one was by playing infantry only and realism mods. i tried to recreate that realism but personally i dont think it worked very well so its more like a deathmatch lol. Tank depot, panzer command and amoured command truck is no longer available as i wanted to get an infantry only attempt, but the ai spams armoured cars. this was done by myself and is my first mod.

Added two new units to british:

6 Pounder AT gun (american one but redone with british squad)
Vickers Mg Squad (commando one but again with tommy squad)

edited infantry weapon damages and ranges
edited AT ranges


Also if you wish to use my mod for anything permission is NOT NEEDED but please give CREDIT. Thankyuo and please comment.

thanks to
celÚstial, EmilCrane and Colonel Temp for help regarding the 6 pounder

my friend chris for inspiration

revolucion9 for damage and range stats and generally for his fantastic mods giving me inspiration.

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