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Author: ColdDemon

A Mod that is about to feature new buildable Units und change a little of the games balancing. More resources make it a little faster for example.


- more population points
- increased ressources/minute (fast gameplay)


- buildable Airborne
- Kriegsdienstleistende (many, but weak soldiers)
- Bazooka Ranger (3xBazooka, 1x Thompson)
- Elite Sniper (bigger line of sight + more hitpoints, 2 buildable)
- 8 Units per Infantrygroup
- 4 Engeneers per Squad


- Infantry-Squad (5 soldiers, only Scout-Update)
- Canadian Infantry (7 soldiers, Upgradable with Bren or Tanknades)
- Commando Unit (4 commandos)
- Englisch Sniper (commando with lee enfield sniper, abilities an attributes like american one)
- Scottish Elite (3 scotsmen)


- 4 units per engineer squad (no flamethrower)
- Volksfaust Squad (3xPanzerfaust, 1xMp40)
- Reichsgrenadier Squad (5 soldiers, heavy armed Volksgrenadier Squad + more Hitpoints)
- Major König (elite sniper, only 1 buildable)
- Flamethrower squad


- 4 Units per Grenadier-Squad
- Sniper buildable
- Deserter buildable (englisch infantrie squad)

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