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Author: Papent

This mod is about fusing a bit of realism with balancing plus with a bit of Oh snap with new and some quite unique units for each side and every faction You really got try it to learn whats it about

V2.6 Changes Log :
- Bug Fixes and Minor Changes
- Dozens of Undocumentated Changes
- Damage and Accuracy is only 1.2x normal instead of previous 1.5x

- Minor Changes and Bug Fixes
- can deploy a kommando fallsrchimajer glider drop
- Gains Vet Like US just a bit harder but more rewarding
- Can Deploy a lmg team

- Minor Changes and Bug Fixes
- General Infantry can throw grenades and sticky bombs
- Can Deploy a Bar Fireteam
- can build an Airborne Forward HQ that can call in additonal forces
- can Deploy a Glider Taskforce

- Minor Changes and Bug Fixes
- British can deploy a Paratrooper Platoon
- Now Can Deploy Shermans
- Officers under the Commando Tree can call in AirStrikes and Recces can call in an "Aerial Blitz"
- Infantry Section Cost only 400
- Recces cost only 475
- Glider can deploy Jeeps
- Glider HQ can Deploy Bren Carriers
- Can Deploy a Bren Element
- can deploy an Duece and an Half

----------Panzer Elite------------
- Minor Changes and Bug Fixes
- Can deploy a MG Kader
- can deploy an Opel Blitz

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