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NHCmod OF version 1.1
By AB2531

Major Features
Dead corpses stay, artillery range increased, pop cap increased, new units, each side has one hero unit.
(Ce Mod est aussi francophone)

1) Delete any previous version of the NHCmod
2) Execute and follow the instruction of the installer.
3) Just Click on the shortcut created on your desktop to play the mod!

uninstallation: just click on the uninstaller

List of changes:
- Mobile AT 17 pounder
It is the feasome british AT 17 pounder and it can now move on the battlefield. Its price and its very slow speed compensate its great firepower.

- The Royal Engineer
They can repair much faster and make vehicle stronger, recover destroyed vehicles and they also build faster.
The Royal Engineer support is required to call them.

- Medic
This guy will heal your wounded soldiers. He is unarmed.

- Machine gun section can be enter trenches!
- Axis bunker dummy upgrades fixed
- Aid stattion heal nearby infantry units
- Triage center can be placed anywhere
- SAS booby trap can be place on strategic point
- PantherTurm and Mortar Bunker Wreck fixed
- US Stuart new skin
- New British paradrop ability
- SAS paradrop recharge time set to 180 seconds.
- sniper pop cost set to 1
- Rebuild vehicles with the Bergetiger pop cost fixed
- 25 pounder pop cost fixed.
- Artillery range increased again.
- Vickers added to British supply truck.
- Only 6 supply trucks available.
- Scenarion locations change, every map in your WW2 folder can be selected with the NHCmod.
- RAF abilities move to the "RADIO" a new "building" of the British. You can call the airstrikes and reinforment
with the radio.
- Panzerfaust given to the PE tankbusters
- No more grenadiers skin.
- US Stuart and Priest veterancy fixed.
- Mass-produced Sherman cost changed.
- PanzerGrendadiers get 4 Gewehr 43 instead of 2.
- Reserve Regiment added to british. Captain required
- The turrets of the King Tiger and the Tiger ace turn faster
- Blitzkrieg button fixed
- new icons
- Special Pioneer have new skin and can build flakvierling and flak88 (If you chose the luftwaffe)
- Axis Scout skin changed
- Armor Piercing Rounds added to Sherman Firefly
- The M3 HalfTrack can attack aircrafts
- Demo charges can be placed anywhere
- Scout have been changed
- Flakvierling crash fixed (It wasn't because of the Eselschreck!)
- marksman rate of fire improved (he is now equivalent to a sniper)
- flamethrower range of sherman crocodile increased
- King tiger can use smoke barrage and Tank shock like in the campaign
- British weapon crew are no more invincible
- Nebelwerfers and flakvierlings are now repairable
- range of the Fallschirmjäger's grenades increased
- PE panzerschreck are more effective
- Bergetiger do not repair the Pershing anymore
- NeW: Medic that can heal your troops
- Soldiers nearby heroes will fight better
- text for japanese version is now available
- ... too much more

CW support
Canadian Artillery buff
- Artillery range increased
- SUpercharge range increased
- overwatch range increased

Commando buff
- Commando paratroopers available
- Commandos can be upgrade with piat
- Jeep available at glider

Royal Engineer buff
- Can call an new unit: The Royal Engineer, they can repair faster and make vehicle stronger and also recover
destroyed vehicles.
- Churchill reinforcement cost reduced by 10%

PE tactics
Scorched Earth Tactics buff
-bobby trapp recharge time reduced

Luftwaffe Tactics
- paradropped Fallschirmjäger available

Tank Destroyer Tactics
- Supply truck produces improved panzerschreck instead of standard panzerschreck
- More than 1 Jagdpanther available

NHCmod OF version 1.0

Changes for US

New Units:
- Mass-produced Sherman
It costs less time to be built and is cheaper. But It can't be upgraded with the 76mm gun and is weaker
but it is faster.
It allows allies to have more tanks so they will not be outnumbered by german tanks. It can be upgraded
with Armor Skirts instead of Crab Mine Flail. (He has a green skin)

- Radio Operator (From Dawn of Conflict mod by Kamino)
He can call Air recon flight and artillery Support on the battlefield. You can't have more than 2 of them.
They can be trained in the Weapons Support Center.

- Scout:
cheap recon unit, can detect sniper and capture strategic points, can use camouflage, have long sight,
can be built in the barrack and sometimes the HQ.
Only 3 available.

- lieutenant Powell (Hero = only one available)
(from Medal of Honor...) a super ranger that can beat any infantry squad with only his M1Garand :)
He can be built in the barrack. He can be upgraded with his thomson that make him extremely effective in close
but rather ineffective at long range.

- US Priest
It is the Priest. Now buildable in the tank depot

- US Stuart
It is the Stuart, now buildable in the motor pool.

- the Supply truck: Gives some manpower, fuel and ammunition.
It is very useful because it can also produce weapons like thomson, BAR, M9Bazooka. The supply truck can also reinforce
troops and transport them.
It can be produced in the Logistic Support

--Company buff
Infantry company
- This company have reduced mine cost
- They can build rangers
- Infantry cost reduced
- Riflemen can build trenches.

Airbone Company
- They can call snipers on the battlefield. (Paratrooper upgrade required)
- strafe, recon and bombing cost reduced

Armor Company
- They can call as many pershing as they want (If you have enough ressource of course...)
- reduced tank cost

other changes
- Added M26 to Tank Factory (only 2 available)
- Added Calliope to Tank Factory
- Increased grenades max range
- base population set to 70 (instead of 30)
- The M4 'Crocodile' Sherman can have a machine gun upgrade like the standard one.
- Howitzer’s max range increased.

WH change

New units:
- Flammenwerfer Team
It is a team of 3 flamethrowers extremely effective against infantry at short range. I had to create them
because too many people wanted something to counter Powell. They may be built in the Wehrmacht Quarters
but require the Escalate to Skirmish Phase. Only 3 squads available.

- the Supply truck: Gives some manpower, fuel and ammunition.
It is very useful because it can also produce weapons like mp44,mg42,panzerschreck. The supply truck can also reinforce
troops and transport them.
It can be produced in the Sturm Armory

- Scout:
cheap recon unit, can detect sniper and capture strategic points, can use camouflage, have long sight
can be built in the barrack and sometime the HQ (yeah, doesn't work. I dont know why)

- The Eselschreck: a very special unit that Relic has created... :)
I let you guess how to build it. Note: The AI will NEVER build it.

- The Officer (Hero = only one available)
The officer can be upgraded with a mp44. (His mp44 is very effective like the Powell's Thomson)

- the Hilter-Jugend squad: the Hitler Jugend was an organisation which indoctrinated young children whith
the nazi's ideology. Thereby, when they were old enough, lots of these young boys (and girls) fought against the allies.
They can be produced with the 'Zeal' upgrade from the propaganda tactics. Propaganda doctrine Required

- Tiger ace
A black Tiger driven by an elite crew. Only one available

--Doctrines buff:
Defence doctrine
- Reduced mines cost
- Reduced buildings cost
- stronger bunker
- Pioneers can build Trenches, PantherTurm and Mortar Bunker.

Blitzkrieg doctrine
- Reduced cost of some basic units
- Blietzkrieg ability last longer.
- Tiger Reinforcement also gives a Stormtrooper squad
- Stuh reinforcement also gives a Stormtrooper squad

Propaganda doctrine
- they can call Hilter-Jugend squads:
They are weaker than regular troops, can't be reinforced, and have random weapons.
But they don't cost too much. You can't have more than 6 squads.

Other change:
- set Goliath cost = 85 ammo
- Added standard Tiger in the Tank factory. Only 2 available
- 'Escalate to Battle phase' needed to build the Tiger ace from the Strum Armory.
- Added smoke cloud ability to Tiger ace.
- Nebelwerfer range increased.
- Added flakvierling to Pioneer construction tree

British Changes

New Units:
- The SAS squad (Hero = only one available):
A squad of highly trained commando that can perform many task as destroy bridges, lay traps, attack behind enemy lines.
'Call the RAF' upgrade required. They can be paradropped anywhere on the battlefield. They are the most versatile squad,
The squad is composed of one sniper, one man with a Bren, one with a bazooka and a field medic with a sten.

- the Supply truck: Gives some manpower, fuel and ammunition.
It is very useful because it can also produce weapons like thomson, BAR, M9Bazooka, Bren and Piat. The supply truck can also reinforce
troops and transport them.
It can be produced in the Field Support Truck

other changes:
- Artillery super charge range increased
- AVRE mortar reload time decreased.
- RAF added. They can do recon and perform targeted attacks. 'Call the RAF' upgrade required.
- 2 Support Truck available.
- 2 Armor command Truck available.
Panzer Elite Changes

New units:
- the Supply truck, nearly the same as the one of the wehrmacht. It is also an half-track, so it can defend itself when there is troops inside.
It can also produce mortar and heavy MG42.

- Special Pioneers
They are the only unit in the PE that can detect mines. They can build defences, trenches lay mines, destroy bridges, repair vehicles and buildings.
They can also build PantherTurm and Mortar Bunker.

- Wilhelm Deinhard (Hero = only one available):
An officer equipped with an mp44. It can be upgraded with his Gewehr 43 sniper Rifle and become the probably best sniper of the game. He can be
produced in the Panzer-Jager Kommand

- SdKfz.161/2 Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H
This Panzer IV is equipped with a Longer 7.5 cm KwK 40 L/48 gun, which has a better penetration against heavy armor. It can be produced in
the Panzer-Support Kommand.

other Changes:
- They can call one Tiger ace on the battlefield.
- New upgrade: Elite Tank
cost 600 manpower 140 fuel
It upgrades your tanks so that they start as Elite rank (so the Panzer Elite name make sense)


I do not own any CoH or THQ stuff it's the game developers property
I am not responsible if with this mod you corrupt the game, or have some troubles.
for suggestions or bugs, you can contact me. NOT for rants, or your troubles. By installing this mod, you explicitly renounce any legal proceedings.
You can distribute, modify, include my mod as long as it says that it was created by AB2531. Giving me credit and sending me an e-mail will be highly appreciated.
If you found any bug, you can contact the developer by e-mail.

Thanks to Corsix for his wonderful Corsix's Mod Studio
and Relic, for making such a kick-ass game.
but it seems that I didn't finish them, so I used it on every grenadiers cause it look nice on them.
Thanks to Kamino, for allowing me to use his radio operator.
Thanks to LethalDosage, Speedy, IRGC and djdouge AKA Douglas for helping me to improve my mod.
Thanks to Tim McCurdy who allowed me to use his Bloody British Buff mod.
Thanks to Kyle243 who allowed me to use his icons.
Thanks to people who played my previous mod and left some comments.
Special thanks to Paul Binocle for checking some spelling errors.
Thanks to the anonymous guy who translated my mod in japanese. Please contact me so I can give you proper credits.

A ma bien aimée Billie, t'es adorable et trop mignonne, quel dommage qu'on ne puisse pas se supporter l'un l'autre.

for updates

mod created by ab2531

REMENBER true war is never cool, CoH is a game. Have fun.

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