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Author: dave hazelgrave

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20:42 1/12/2008 Title README 1St!

Easy to install: download to desktop; open folder Uncompress on to desktop (english) (hezzys modules) files and also
(shortcut For Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts).Right click company of heroes shortcut cLICK PROPERTIES.

Click (button find target) then find file called (engine) then Click it Then click (locale) Click (english). drop the (3 UCS ) in with UCS allredy There.
From Ones in (English Folder) on desktop. Drop (hezzys module files) in to CoH main.
On desktop Close mod Then Drag and drop Hezzys folder into company of heroes Main. Done. Click on shortcut on desktop to start mod Finished.

Enjoy full of new exciting abilites upgrades and mods.

New Squads: Sniper Squad covert operations special abilities

SAS Squad

Piper Squad Highlanders

Airborne Sniper Paradrop

Paradrop Paratrooper M9 Bazooka

Paradrop Paratrooper already upgraded

Weapons Team 1MG42 2 Bazookas 2 Bren guns

Rangers Heavy Infantry

Commando Paratroopers Paradrop 4 Bazookas 2 Bren guns

Pak38 50mm camouflage

Commando neblwerfer

Commonwealth engineer different abilities and weapons

Lots more squads for you to find. Most squads on all sides build slip trenches. Some squads have heal ability.


Some buildings have Heal ability

Too many alterations to mention I have injected some exciting changes to the game.

Would appreciate any feedback to what people think. contact Dave at

No modifiacations withou permission please.

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