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Mod Team

Papent...................Creator and Coder

Bigboss756..............Art Director

Beta Testers
Col.Sanders.............Lead Beta Tester, UCS Writer, & Open General
Wombat..................Beta Tester
Dales...................... Beta Tester

Special Thanks to:
SIG21_Surgeon & the rest of Normandy_44 MOD Team for permissions to use some of the graphics from his mod
Unit Icons Provided By RGB.
Halftrack for some of the Graphics
Georider for some of the Graphics
newbaus for some of the Graphics
Xalibur for some of the Graphics
IrisDane for some of the Graphics
GnigruH for some of the Graphics
AnyKey for some of the Graphics
Warnstaff the AI codebase

And last but not least, THANK YOU for trying out our mod.

Some unique aspects of the mod are...
- Most infantry can construct a simple slit trench for basic 'in the field' protection (trenches no longer have the 'titanium alloy armor' statistics of generic Opposing Fronts)
- Bullets, shells, explosions, etc., are slightly more dangerous than generic CoH values
- When a vehicles engine is destroyed ('in the red'), it is immobilized until repaired
- A wider variety of units, abilities, and supporting call-ins
- Improved defenses for all 4 factions
- Most infantry units can 'escort' a unit (infantry-tank cooperation)
- Most vehicles can provide 'support' to a unit by following it(tank-infantry cooperation)
- No more 'automated automatons' crews in a mg pit, etc., now defenses have a proper population count(ex ; mg pit counts as 1 population)
- Realistic unit population values (ex ; churchill croc. tank has a population of 5, not 16)
- Infantry in heavy(green) cover can auto-camo (this presents good ambush opportunities)
- US airborne and British commandos/airborne can now build and upgrade behind enemy lines
- Mortar and most artillery units ranges have been increased
- Most infantry now stand a chance against tanks
-Wehrmacht gains veterancy like US, but a bit slower
-Most British troops can throw grenades when a captain is built

Suggestions / Criticisms / Concerns
feel free to P.M. or Post here
Also you may contact me on Xfire same name here as there

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