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Author: ColdDemon

A modification that started of as the idea of making COH:OF the way I wanted it to be.
It features new units, changes in balance, raised population points and a few other things.


- more population points
- increased ressources/minute (fast gameplay)
- AI little more aggressiv
- new infantry units for every race (e.g. buildable Elite Sniper, Airbourne, ...)
- new artillery/vehicles/tanks for all races
- retextured nearly every unit
- Heavy Machinery like the Pershing more often buildable
- completely new squads (e.g. Canadian Infantry)
- abilities (e.g. trenches buildable by airborne)
- online playable
- corpses don't vanish from the battlefield (not all, ca. every 5th)
- units can exit weapons such as mortar or hmg to retreat
- fixes in balance
- graphics
- ROTS-Mod Starter.bat for easy starting (no short-cut creating anymore)
- Unitnames and descriptions for German and English language



This is a new Version of the RotS-Mod. It is now working witch the newest Patch for CoH, CoH:OF and CoH:ToV.

A few new additions are made as well.


All units have been completely retextured and the sound of all shots
und hits have been improved to be as close as possible to the original

There is also a ROTS-Mod Starter.bat that you can use to start the mod
as easy as can be. Just double-click on it, and it will do the rest.


There are still a few missing unit-names that will be fixed as soon as possible.


I hope you enjoy it and give some feedback as well.


Greetings from the Demon

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