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I would like to present you my Blitzkrieg Mod. This Mod exists since March 2008 and is still in developement.

There are many features that I added, for expample a realistic wapon damage system I made. It΄s the same system that is used in the actual BotB mod with my permission (Greetings to Halftrack). Here are the summarised main features of my mod:

- a much more realistic Weapon damage system (particularly the damage & penetration powers of tank guns)
- many new skins for infantry and tanks (and wrecks) also including many of my own made tank skins
- many new units for all factions
- greatly changed & expanded Commander Trees
- many new abilities
- new sounds
- recommended new maps included
- historical correct vehicle speeds
- more detailed tank descriptions (armament & armour)
- increased line of sight & weapon ranges
- increased zoom out
- removed team colours
- removed transparency effects


New Units Wehrmacht: Medic • Scout • Panzerjδger • Tank Crews (MP Version only) • Tank Commander
New Vehicles Wehrmacht: 105mm lFH18 (leichte Feldhaubitze)
New Tanks Wehrmacht: PzKpfW IV Ausf.E • StuG IV late version • StuH (now buildable) • Marder III (SP version only) • KingTiger (now buildable) • Tiger & Kingtiger Ace (Doctrine)
New Emplacement/Building Wehrmacht: 75mm Anti-Tank Emplacement • Artillery targeting bunker

New Units Panzerelite: Sturmpioniere • Heavy MG42 Team • Tank Crews (MP Version only) • Tank Commander • SS-Paratroopers • SS-Hauptsturmfόhrer (Command Unit) • SS-Stoίtruppen (Call in)
New Vehicles Wehrmacht: Medic Halftrack
New Tanks Panzerelite: StuG IV late version • Panzer IV Ausf.H • Jagdpanzer IV/70 • Selbstfahrlafette Nashorn • Jagdpanther (buildable) • Panther Ausf. G & Veteran Tiger (Call in) • Tiger, Kingtiger & Jagdpanther Ace (Doctrine)
New Emplacement/Building Wehrmacht: 88mm Anti-Tank/Artillery Emplacement • Mortar Bunker • Panther Turret

New Units US: Medic • Scout • Anti-Tank Team • Rangers (buildable) • 82nd Airborne Paratroopers • Airborne Targeting Squad • Ranger Captain (Command Unit) • Tank Crews (MP Version only) • Tank Commander
New Vehicles US: 76mm M5/L50 Anti Tank Gun • M21 Mortar Halftrack
New Tanks US: Stuart • Priest (doctrine) • Sherman M4A3 • Sherman M4A3E8 (call in) • Pershing Ace

New Units CW: SAS-Paratroopers • MG Backup Team • Commando Sniper • Tank Crews (MP Version only) • Tank Commander
New Vehicles CW: Jeep • MKI Staghound
New Tanks CW: M10 Achilles • Canadian Sherman M4A3 Group (call in) • Sherman FireFly (buildable) • Churchill MKV (buildable) • Churchill AVRE (buildable) • Churchill MKVI & MKVII (call in)
New Tech Tree CW: R.A.F (Royal Airforce Tree) replaces the old Commando Tree. Here you can choose between 3 different Typhoon fighter-bomber ground attacks

- Xalibur - Founder, Coding & realization
- Gawain77 - Co-Modder, Gameplay & Balance
- Doombringer - GFX, Gameplay & Balance
- Shadow - PR Relic Online & modddb, Gameplay & Balance, engl. translations
- Luc - Installer, Betatester
- Muad'Dib - internal Betatester

My knowledge in optimizing the AI for the new units etc. is low so if you want to have hard battles you should use big maps (6/8p) when you play the sp version against AI! So if there is someone who has good experience in optimizing the KI please contact me!

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