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Changelog (including v4.01 - v4.02 changes)


updated launcher
disabled all single player campaigns in main menue
(to avoid further bugreports for not working campaigns. BK DOES NOT support campaigns!)
fixed HMG teleport bug
raised AT/tank-gun damage modifier against armored cars and halftracks from x2.5 to x3.5
fixed "sniper in church" bug (no more sniper MG fire ;) )
reduced HE rifle grenades range -10


removed incendiary grenades from WM Volks
removed unnecessary incendiary grenades upgrade from WM grenadiers (it`s a global upgrade now)
Volks now also need no movement to activate hold ground
fixed missing Flak38 emplacement portrait picture
fixed missing hold ground ability for grenadiers
SdKfz 234/2 (Puma) now auto-targets infantry again
reworked the Jagdpanzer IV/L48 HEAT/C shell
fixed the "Wir haben das Gebäude ausgeschaltet", "Zielgebäude gesichert" Bug!


fixed 101 Airborne VET3 enhanced sprint ability
fixed VET3 sprint ability spell bug
fixed 105mm howitzer gunnest portrait picture
fixed Captain reinforcement riflemen squad double grenade ability
reduced Recoiless Jeep damage modifier against SC/HT from x3 to x2 and added more critical hits
Tank commander inside M8 now gets VET
fixed Riflemen rifle grenades autofire exploit


fixed Jagdpanther reveal camo shots (now 2)
Wirbelwind now looses the sandbag state if AA mode is disabled
removed 2nd sandbag build option for Stormpioneers
fixed missing Flakvierling emplacement portrait picture
Panther Ausf.G now disappers when choosing a different doctrine than tankhunter
enabled PE tankhunter grenadier ambush camo in buildings & trenches
added +5 ammo to starting resources
fixed WSS-squad speech bug
reduced PE Flakvierling damage against M18
reduced 88 FLAK single fuel cost from 75 to 50
fixed Beobachtungspanzer IV turret hatch


fixed C15TA reinforcement ability
all Commandos now reinforce via ground and no more via paradrop (except SAS)
Rifle grenades can now be fired out of trenches
fixed Tommy rifle grenades autofire exploit

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