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Back to Basics: Battle of the Hedges
Back to Basics is a total conversion mod, that not only adds units and abilities but also a new weapon damage and penetration system. This improves gameplay and requires more tactical assaults and defenses. Weapon ranges are also greatly increased.
for example, Infantry weapons are now much more realistic. You can no longer walk into a Heavy Machine Gun fire with just getting supressed. It will now be very lethal. However, the Machine Gun crew will die faster aswell.
Forget about walking into stationary squads, moving Infantry fire much more inacurate than stationary Infantry.
Cover means everything for Infantry. Units in Heavy Cover will take less damage than units in the out and open.
Tank Combat is realistic aswell. For example, a Tiger Tank might knock out a Sherman in 1 shot from the front. However, the Tiger's rear armor is very weak and is very easily penetrated by Infantry Anti Tank weapons and Tank fire. Moving Tanks will fire more inaccurate than stationary Tanks.
Tanks can no longer fire at point blank range, since this is not realistic.
The hull and coaxial Machine Guns are more lethal, and so are their turret Machine Guns.
Artillery is very lethal to anything. Ranges are grealty increased and damage too. All Howitzers are build in an Emplacement.
However, spamming Howitzers is not a good idea, since they take a lot of population cap.
Do not forget Howitzers are support weapons that can start an attack or cover a retreat. They are great to flatten heavy defenses and entrenched Infantry.
All weapon and engine sounds have been modified aswell to be realistic, aswell as that the tracer beams have been removed. This all has been done for reaslism.
Back to Basics: Battle of the Hegdes adds realism to Company of Heroes, to make it even better. It is compatible with Company of Heroes, Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor, always with the latest patch. You do not have to own all 3 products of the Company of Heroes series to play Back to Basics.


- Weapon Sounds
- M8 Scott skin
Tankdestroyer & Team
- Sd.Kfz. 250/9
- Grille Self-Propelled Artillery
- Sd.Kfz. 251/22 "Pakwagen"
- Panther Commander (the model files)
- M2Hb Jeep
- Recoilless Jeep
Lethal Dosage
- Discussing alot of stuff.
- For his great help and bug testing!
- Figuring the Tiger Tank Accessoires
Halftrack & Tankdestroyer
- Improved Jagdpanther
- M5 76mm Anti-Tank Gun
- Nashorn Tank Destroyer
- M36 Jackson
- Improved M26 Pershing
Eliw00d & DMz
- Sd.Kfz. 251 visual slots
- M3a1 Halftrack visual slots
- M8 Scott
- Jagdtiger
- German .ucs file
- Polish .ucs file

Panzer Jager



1.As our improved weapon system is much more lethal, using cover is vital for infantry.
2.Stationary units have a longer sight radius than moving units.
3.Use mortars to take down Machine Guns that cover a chokepoint.
4.Tanks are vunarable to Anti-Tank weapons, like Panzerschrecks, Bazookas and Anti-Tank Guns. Support Tanks with Infantry, as they also provide heavy cover for infantry.
5.Munition points are just as important, since artillery and mortars cost munitions to use their barrage ability.
6.As Panzer Elite, build the Brute Force Kommand to deploy Shocktroopers, Machine Gun Teams and Mortar Teams. Use the Brute Force Kommand as forward barracks and reinforcements point.
7.Chosing a Commander Tree is vital in battle, pick one carefully.
8. Infantry squads can purchase upgrades near an Opel Blitz, Deuce and a Half or Supply Halftrack.
9. Command vehicles like the Cromwell Command Tank and Tiger 812 'Tiki' also share their bonuses to your teammates vehicles.
10. Off-map abilities like artillery and airstrikes can no longer be used on enemy base sectors.

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