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This addon will feature:

New shader for soldiers
they will now completely blend into the maps weather condition.
By default, soldiers are lit seperately, making them look seperated from the map somehow.
Now they are treated like everything else on the map, making the game look even more realistic.

New Athmospheres for all default Relic Multiplayer Maps
The custom BotB-exclusive maps are especially made for BotB, so they look good in this mod,
but if you like to play default maps, the settings often dont really fit and look weird with snow.
This has come to an end, as every default Relic and Community Map now has new winterish
weather conditions, which integrate them much better into the mod and will maybe give you
a complete new experience. Ever played Lyon during a blizzard? Now you get the chance to.
Also included are some new environment textures for more snow detail.

AI bug fix
Admitted, there are quite a few bugs which needed to be adressed, and they will be so in the
next version. But the worst was the AI not building on many maps, therfore ruining gameplay.
This should fix it.

Needs BotB v 2.7 full version installed.
download and unzip into your CoH root directory. Overwrite when prompted.

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