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This mod was made using ww2ballisticcalculator to make realistic weapons penetrations.
Great deal of time and effort went into creating it. I believe it is the most realistic mod out there as far as penetration of tank guns vs armor is concerned. Because this mod changes so many fundamental things it requires realistic ww2 tactics to be employed. Puting units in cover is a must if you want them to survive. All units require more careful management too.

major changes:

- fixes tank traps bug
- vehicles are able to crush mortars, hmg and at-guns
- completely revamped armor combat (tank guns, armor, speed, turret traversal, sight, reload, range)
- completely revamped infantry combat (infantry types combat ability, realistic weapon stats..)
- realistic infantry at-weapons performance
- almost all weapons deal more damage
- increased effectivnes of artillery, mortars, grenades, rockets, etc...
- increased range for calliope and nebels
- better snipers
- better MGs
- tank MGs as effective as their infantry held counterparts
- increased sight ranges for all units
- modified units veterency bonuses
- modified upgrade cost, abilities cost
- increased pop. cap and resources income.
- substitued certain units cost type based on common sense (Flak88 now costs ammo instead of
fuel etc...)
- infantry squads have more realistic weapon composition

This mod incorporates Tactical AI mod made by Azooma. I have modified it so it now only contains changes relevant to the AI.

It modifies only 2 original factions, Americans and Wehrmacht. It took me a ton of work to get these done so i dont have any wish to make the other ones. If you wish you are allowed to modify this mod and publish it, just give me credit.
*refer to readme file for a more detailed explanation regarding changes to the game

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