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Updated 1/3/2014 : Added Hijack a Plane ability to NWO, which allows you to crash a plane into the Anarchist (or your own side -- we're investigating False Flag ability with this or another unit).

We are aware the mod no longer works online (like most other mods since the Steam update). Considering mod's that have been green lit still haven't fixed it, I don't think it will be anytime soon, sorry. Instead we're trying to get the AI working so the mod can be enjoyed in a single player Skirmish (more so than now).

We got as far as we could with this before we ran out of time. It's been sitting here for months and we both decided we'd never be able to take it any further due to our schedules. We hope one day in the future we can add more to this mod, but in case we don't ... feel free to do with it what you will.

Many thanks to all the people we copied and learned from along the way, your information was most valuable. If we missed crediting anyone for anything we added to the mod, we apologize. We did the best we could to keep up with what was added along with way and who originally created it.

Please keep in mind, we had no idea what we were doing going in, but we love CoH and decided it was missing a mod like this one. We learned as much as we could off the forums in a short time and dug in. Most of the artwork, uniforms, icons we created were supposed to be temporary placeholders ... however, for temps they're pretty good if we say so ourselves.

We balance tested as best we could. There was so much more planned. Maybe one day.

Here are a few of the in game pieces ...

Ron Paul
Alex Jones
Iraq Veterans
Riot Police
Chemical Weapon Team
Illuminati Spy
Suicide Bomber
IRS Agent
Black Ops
Hijacked Planes

Here are some of the abilities ...

Shock & Awe
All Seeing Eye
Chemical Weapons
Free Markets
Martial Law
Tear Gas
Liberty Movement Propaganda
Alex Jones Megaphone Rant
Bail out the Bankers
Hijack a Plane


Infiltration Tactics
Shoot & Scoot
Fire & Movement

Homeland Security
Corporate Media

Mod's that can be installed via the Launcher ...

Cheat Mod (BuckyBoy)
Dead Bodies Stay Mod (Sarge's How-To)
Sniper Hide mod (Lethal Dosage)
Surrender Mod (Wilko)

MOd's installed by default ...

Slayerknecht's Random Rifleman rolevariations.
badgerhunter's woodland skin.
Slayer's camo Rifleman.
Halftrack's infantry skin.
VanAdrian's civilian vehicle pack (I think this was just for our custom map).
Pfuschers HD Ground Textures v0.7
terranova's Black Ops uniforms.
UberBugz How-To on empty-plan.squadai (I think we actually ended up using a different fix later on).
Van Adrian's flamethrower fx, allied & axis structures & blood add-on.
Widowmakers Digi Engineers skin.
Spoon's Trail and Tracer FX Submod
Mr. Bildo's M83 Illumination Flares
CDC's Camera Zoom.
BuckyBoy's CheatMod.
Xalibur's Stand Ground from Blitzkrieg Mod
Xalibur's Enhanced v1 Explosion Animation.
asynd's Suicide Bomber tutorial at The Armoury.

NOTE : Music plays during the install, so adjust your volume accordingly. Also, be sure to check out the OPTIONS menu on the Launcher for other mods you can install along with NWO.

KNOWN ISSUES : Statist hate this mod. =)


- Tuck Fheman & Buck Fankers

Tip Bitcoin : 17LmCbd7v8sgejmFYWUrqLR9JpKW14x7ym
Tip Dogecoin : DKqEbUmSujqa3hAu6Ni7YJN7YPUXpXMYcb

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