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works with Company of Heroes, Opposing Fronts, Tales of Valor or any combination of these three!
a much more realistic weapon damage system
greatly changed & expanded Commander Trees
a new designed ambush system 2.0 using trees & bushes (new v4.5!)
enhanced infantry and tank VET system
many new skins for infantry and tanks
many new units for all factions (>100 overall)
many new abilities
new sounds & fx effects
recommended new maps included in separate map installer
historical correct vehicle speeds
more detailed tank descriptions (armament & armour)
increased line of sight & weapon ranges
increased zoom out
removed team colours & projectile trails
removed transparency effects
a total of 32 new recommended maps included
language support:
english german french spanish italian polish russian czech chinese

It is prohibited to use any parts from this mod without my permisson!
Links & more stuff: (official site) (german speaking forum)


Xalibur - Founder, Coding & realization
isiar - Co-Modder, Gameplay & Balance
Mettiu - AI coding
£û©™ - Installer, Betatester
panther7 - Launcher
Spielführer, Olhausen, HaryPl, Vega1707 - leading betatesters


Gawain - Co-Modder, Gameplay & Balance
Ruhrpottpatriot - Forum Administration, BK wiki (german)
Shadow - PR Relic Online & moddb, Gameplay & Balance, engl.


Here I would like to thank all persons who helped me directly or indirectly in my mod development!

Thanks to the persons who made the new models possible:
Aidas2, Pojarsma, Reichsbahn, Slayerknecht, Georider, Loran Korn (RIP), MrScruff (RIP), Sweeten

HalfTrack & Tankdestroyer for their great high quality releases
Eliw00d & DMz for many the latest models and some nice extra gimmicks
Tankdestroyer for his help & extra gimmicks
burtondrummerNY for his releases
Zeugma for his C15TA Armoured Truck release
Aidas2, Chopin, Darkblade for the M3 Stuart & Crusader tanks

GFX , ART & Video:

Ninja117 & Doombringer for some of the used Icons and UI GFX
GnigruG for his excellent skins
DMz for some nice custom tank skins
VanAdrian for some nice custom textures
panzerblitz1 for his video editing

Gamerisin & Lorankorn for the used new Sounds

Mettiu for his superb work in AI-enhancing

isiar for in-depth work in finding & fixing bugs with Corsix

SHADOW & Wolverine2108: (english), Ogon & TheDzierzanPL (polish), Ext3ermin4tor & crimax77 (italian), Ursidey (french), blackbishop (spanish), Maeglin (czech), saukopf (chinese), 531st & Idalgos (russian)

Also thanks to all active internal Betatesters that have spent a lot of time in finding and reporting Bugs:
SHADOW, Ruhrpottpatriot, Kr0noZ, Ivelios, Lordhelmlein, Muad'Dib, Mystic-Car, Chrome, Gambit, Keeper, d0nCarlos, Mr.Mind, Chako, RaCheEnGeL!.de, Smallz, Shogi, Spielführer, GrüneTeufel, Frehelias, Nobbio, Tinamu, Vega1707, WARTHOG, Rhel, BoogeyMan, olhausen, HaryPL, Tinamu, Twitchy, panzerblitz1 and all others I forgot to mention here...

Special thanks to Spielführer, olhausen & HaryPL for leading betatesting and open beta forum moderation

Ruhrpottpatriot & SHADOW (Admin), Vega1707, Frehelias, Nieles, Harle (Balancing & Suggestions)

£û©™ for his superb Installer


gawain77 (retired) who helped diligently in specializing and reworking the doctrines
isiar who helped to fix many bugs and is now BK`s active Co-modder


Copernicus (without you many thinks wouldn`t work as intended, many thanks for all the great ideas and solutions!)
Halftrack (BotB mod) for all the nice exchanges of informations via ICQ late at night

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