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I would like to present you my Blitzkrieg Mod. This Mod exists since the end of march this year but until now it was only a german release, without any english speech support.

The central point of my mod is the introduction of tank crews who gain experience that is used for tank enhancements like new features etc. So the crews gets VET and not the tank. If a crew survives a tank kill and you get them home you can simply reassign it to a new tank, so no gained combat experience is lost. There are many other features that I added, for expample a realistic wapon damage system I made. It΄s the same system that is used in the actual BotB mod with my permission (Greetings to Halftrack). Here are the summarised main features of my mod:

- tank crews who unlock features and attributes on tanks with their VET
- a much more realistic Weapon damage system (particularly the damage & penetration powers of tank guns)
- many new skins for infantry and tanks (and wrecks) also including many of my own made tank skins
- many new units for all factions
- modified Commander Trees
- new abilities
- new sounds
- recommended new maps included

more features:

- historical correct vehicle speeds
- more detailed tank descriptions (armament & armour)
- increased line of sight & weapon ranges
- increased zoom out
- removed team colours
- removed transparency effects


New Units Wehrmacht: Medic • Scout • Panzerjδger • Tank Crews (MP Version only) • Tank Commander
New Vehicles Wehrmacht: 105mm lFH18 (leichte Feldhaubitze)
New Tanks Wehrmacht: PzKpfW IV Ausf.E • StuG IV late version • StuH (now buildable) • Marder III (SP version only) • KingTiger (now buildable) • Tiger & Kingtiger Ace (Doctrine)
New Emplacement/Building Wehrmacht: 75mm Anti-Tank Emplacement • Artillery targeting bunker

New Units Panzerelite: Sturmpioniere • Heavy MG42 Team • Tank Crews (MP Version only) • Tank Commander • SS-Paratroopers • SS-Hauptsturmfόhrer (Command Unit) • SS-Stoίtruppen (Call in)
New Vehicles Wehrmacht: Medic Halftrack
New Tanks Panzerelite: StuG IV late version • Panzer IV Ausf.H • Jagdpanzer IV/70 • Selbstfahrlafette Nashorn • Jagdpanther (buildable) • Panther Ausf. G & Veteran Tiger (Call in) • Tiger, Kingtiger & Jagdpanther Ace (Doctrine)
New Emplacement/Building Wehrmacht: 88mm Anti-Tank/Artillery Emplacement • Mortar Bunker • Panther Turret

New Units US: Medic • Scout • Anti-Tank Team • Rangers (buildable) • 82nd Airborne Paratroopers • Airborne Targeting Squad • Ranger Captain (Command Unit) • Tank Crews (MP Version only) • Tank Commander
New Vehicles US: 76mm M5/L50 Anti Tank Gun • M21 Mortar Halftrack
New Tanks US: Stuart • Priest (doctrine) • Sherman M4A3 • Sherman M4A3E8 (call in) • Pershing Ace

New Units CW: SAS-Paratroopers • MG Backup Team • Commando Sniper • Tank Crews (MP Version only) • Tank Commander
New Vehicles CW: Jeep • MKI Staghound
New Tanks CW: M10 Achilles • Canadian Sherman M4A3 Group (call in) • Sherman FireFly (buildable) • Churchill MKV (buildable) • Churchill AVRE (buildable) • Churchill MKVI & MKVII (call in)
New Tech Tree CW: R.A.F (Royal Airforce Tree) replaces the old Commando Tree. Here you can choose between 3 different Typhoon fighter-bomber ground attacks

This mod has only been an absolute Multiplayer mod because the AI can`t handle with tank crews. And since tanks don`t move and shoot without a crew inside no tanks are seen on the battlefield when you play againt the AI. So now with this new release I answer the call of duty from the german players for a single player version. So when you install my mod you can choose to install MP/SP or both.

The SP version has no tank crews anymore, so my absolute recommendation is to play the mp version if you battle against human players. Using the tank crews is a very nice feature.

My knowledge in optimizing the AI for the new units etc. is low so if you want to have hard battles you should use big maps (6/8p) when you play the sp version against AI! So if there is someone who has good experience in optimizing the KI please contact me!

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