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Note: Please download and install the Conquer patches as below:
(1) Save the patches in conquer folder
(2) Open the conquer folder, double click on the patch icon to install, then you will bypass the autopatch and reach the login windows directly.

Highlights of Patch 4343

New features:

I. Easter Event:

Easter Event will start from April 6, 2007 to April 11, 2007 (5 days). (Details)

II. New Garments:

View the pictures of three new garments below: HeavenScent,AngelicalDress and RoyalDignity are recommended in this spring. Your unique temperament will be showed once dressing one of these garments.

How to get?

Three new styles of garments can be purchased from CostumerChen, Market (204,179), and they can also be drawn in Lottery.

Change Made:
New font adopted in game: many players complain it is hard to distinguish between '1'and 'l', '0' and 'o'. So we are going to use font 'System' to solve this problem.

Bug Fixed:

The level of skill 'Pervade' is denoted by 'lv'.

Note: All of these listed above will not work until server maintenance on April 6.

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