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Note: Please download and install the Conquer patches as below:
(1) Save the patches in conquer folder
(2) Open the conquer folder, double click on the patch icon to install, then you will bypass the autopatch and reach the login windows directly.

Highlight of Patch 4345

New Feature

Server Aladdin split from server Dragon will be added to the FairyTales Group. Enjoy the new server.

Change Made:

Description to MeteorTear will be changed to: Notice: It can only be used once even though it is listed with an amount: 100 sometimes.

Recently, some MeteorTears are listed with an Amount: 100 under them. However, this is a glitch; the amount is only 1. Many sellers claim that this particular item "has 100 uses" or "it can be used 100 different times." Do not be fooled. It can be only used ONCE, just like a normal MeteorTear. Many of the "Amount: 100" MeteorTears have arisen from the Lottery MeteorTearPacks. We are looking into this glitch and hoping to have it resolved soon.

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