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Highlight of Patch 5107
1. All players on the Arbiter server, and all accounts contained within will be moved to the BabyIcey/Mayfaire server on March 9th. It will begin at 17:00 PST.

The BabyIcey/Mayfaire server will be awarded with 7 days' double experience` after mergence from March 9th.

If you have an account on the BabyIcey/Mayfaire server or the Arbiter Server, this could affect you. For details on this server merge please click here.

After the server mergence is complete, you are suggested to:

Log into the new BabyIcey/Mayfaire server and check your account and character.

If you find a '[Z+ number]' has been added to your character name (done to avoid duplicate character names) you may change your character's name one time. The character-renaming page is only available in one week after mergence.

There will be NO Character Transfer any more. If you have an account and own characters on both servers, only ONE character will be preserved. Which character will remain is determined by these factors, as listed in order of importance:

Has more Conquer Points.
Has been reborn.
Has higher level.
Created Earlier.
The other character will be deleted and NEVER be restored.

1. Regardless of server (BabyIcey/Mayfaire or Arbiter), please restore your deleted character before March 9th, 17:00 PST. After the server merge is complete, you will not be able to restore it.
2. During the server merge, please do NOT credit your DB code in either server. After the server merge, please check if you can log into the BabyIcey/Mayfaire server and if there your character has lost any data.

2. Fallas Festival
Time: March 12th 0:00 - 21st 7:00
Requirement: Level 20 or higher

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