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Posted on 10/30/2009 07:44

IS a very good Game :)

This type of game this one very good
9.6 perfect
Posted on 01/01/2009 17:25
Points: 185
SI Member


when i played game i was so bored so i deleted it... the game is the same 1.6 but the playing is boring stupid AI angular graphics...
4.1 so-so
Posted on 10/22/2007 22:24
Points: 210
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8.7 superb
Posted on 05/19/2006 13:55

I like this game,but the faces of the peoples in the game must be changed.
9.9 perfect
Posted on 05/15/2006 10:30
Points: 87
SI Veteran Newbie

kill them boys
9.9 perfect