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TITLE**: CS:S Map - cs_SynStreets - small, dark, urban CS:S combat map.
AUTHOR**: Flatline_Construct
WEBSITE: XFIRE - flatlineconstruct

FILENAME: cs_synstreets.bsp
Max players : 24
DATE RELEASED: 16th February 2007

CREDITS**: All me!! using Hl2/CS:S content provided by valve!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Just put the map in your CS:S folder! aka ValveSteamSteamApps*your account*counter-strike sourcecstrikemaps

DESCRIPTION**: This is a small dark combat map for CS:S set in an urban crossroads, slight cyberpunk elements, intended for all weapons except sniper rifles.

COMMENTS: I drew from syndicate and typical cyberpunk elements to create this level, but at the same time wanted to keep it simple and in keeping with CS:S, also I always find myself buying the night vision goggles for no reason, and on this map they're quite usefull.

This is my first public release!


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