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Counter-Strike: Source

TITLE: CS:Source de_ship map and nav



FILENAME: de_ship.bsp and de_ship.nav

FILESIZE: 2693.1 kb and 28.2 kb

DATE RELEASED: April 12, 2007

CREDITS: All textures, models, sounds, and lights from Valve's Counter Strike Source and Half Life 2. Map idea from the game Global Operations.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Exctract all files to cstrike\maps folder. Example C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\(YOURUSERNAME)\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps

DESCRIPTION: A large cargo ship carrying valuable weopons for american armed forces is under attack from terrorist. Take the role of the terrorist and bomb either site located in the engine room or the control deck, or play as the counter terrorist and prevent the bombing.

Details: 64 player compatable, two buy zones, 4 levels, water kills.

COMMENTS: .BSP file is the map, .NAV file is the navigation file used by bots. This must be the nav files used, if your compile your own nav it will not work!
This is also the first map Ive made, hope you like.
I also used some small Half Life2 models/entities in my map, As far as I know, if you dont have Half Life2 you wont be able to see them.

Future updates: I intend to increase the cabin area by adding some rooms. At the moment there arnt very many 'easter eggs' but hopefully in I will implament them also.

Your turn: Think of a cool idea for my map? Wanna send me a glitch you found? Send me an email.

Map de_ship copyright(c) kobaj 2007, feel free to distribute as long as the file(s) remains unchanged.

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