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name the map after myself?
I made this map to learn hammer and to have another decent map on my clans server.
It is a conglomoration of many maps that i have enjoyed in the past,plus a few touches by myself.

Clan url:

directions:it's only a bsp so extract to maps folder.

kudos go out to the guys @ #countermap on gamesurge
thanks Raeven0 and group
And before you try and flame me,no I'm not a BIG icp fan ,I just like the name.

Why did i
Why not? It seemed as appropriate as any other name and after spending 2 days without sleep
making,beta testing on our clans server,remaking and recompiling,I think I should be allowed to take some credit.

I didn't use some of the eye candy such as cubemaps,I wanted this map to have a decent framerate with even the lower end pc's but maintain a decent look.

This map supports 32 players.

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