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Counter Strike: Source
TITLE: de_iron (beta 1)
AUTHOR: TomWolf & N!ghty

FILENAME: de_iron_beta1.bsp
FILESIZE: 7194 kb
DATE RELEASED: 24 September 2007

TomWolf and N!ghty (us) for creating the map
The clans de_fault, .:|MoD|:.and at2k for betatesting. (so far)

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: I would explain how to install your mod here. Believe it or not, there are still people out there who have not the slightest clue how to install files

DESCRIPTION: This is a defuse map for Counter Strike: Soruce. It is set in a wartorn town (sort of after WWII). It's sniper friendly but non snipers have their ways to get those pesky AWPers taken care of. There will be more detail in later releases since this release concentrate mainly on gameplay testing.

Things we are especially interested in knowing.
1. Do the map feel weighted towards CTs or Ts?
2. Is it to sniper friendly?
3. Do you get lost easily?
4. How does teamwork go?

BUGS: Nav file havn't been worked on so even if the bots are working they could be smarter.

Welcome to the first public beta of de_iron by Full Moon Maps (also known as internal release 065)

Any comments (by you or others that test it on your server), especially on parts you don't like or don't think work, is highly appreciated and will speed up development towards beta2, 3 and final release greatly. Commenting is totally optional =)

Comments can be sent to FMM[at]

These people have worked on this map:

TomWolf - Leveldesign and ambiance
N!ghty - Details, making things pop, tweaking

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