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Quality: 7
Creativity: 7
Installation Instructions: 8

Overall Rating: 7.3

Here is a deathmatch map for Counter Strike Source, this map is relatively small in size and the scenery mostly consists of ruined builds which you can destroy with grenades. There are several parts of this map that you can with the use of grenades where you can destroy walls or supporting structure which can bring down some of the buildings in the map. This can be fun to either do this against bots or online against people. Although unfortunately it does take more than one grenade to take down some of the buildings and not all of the buildings will collapse only some of them will.

While it is a good map and a good idea to include simple physics in the game such as collapsable walls and buildings, there is a downside the more players there are the more crowded it would be, although in turn you would be able to crush more people, a nav file is included so that you can use this map against bots. Another problem might be the amount of "lag" caused by all of the debris that has fallen as those with slower connections (or computers) might have some problems.

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