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Readme File:
fy_icecity019f_avz - for Counter-Strike: Source

Created by Sub_Seven_Hacker or Alexey Zverev (AVZ) -

Completed on 31st January 2008

Included files

'Read Me' file; 5 screenshots of the map; a 'maps' folder containing the map (fy_icecity019f_avz.bsp) and a
text file (fy_icecity019f_avz.txt) with a description of the map.


This is a small map with support of up to 24 players.
The map was made with the idea of having quick game rounds (so you don't have to wait for ages until you get a
chance to 'pwn' again) :)
This is an 'advanced' version of the original fy_icecity019f map by the -OSK- clan.


Replace (by Copying and Pasting) the maps folder in your Steam/steamapps/(your username)/counter-strike source/cstrike/
directory with the maps folder in this file. Overwrite the maps folder when prompted.

That's it!

Enjoy my map!!!!

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