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Hello from me again.Probably most of you dont remember, but the first custom cs:s map (cs:s beta) here was created by me and now i have something new to show :)

Programs & Design Process:

At the beginning, 2 or 3 years ago de_castlevile was just few prefabs, then i started playing around them to make more variations and some basic layout and the 'final' product was blocky map with very low framerate, because at that time i was still learning source mapping, so i decided to leave it and move into another projects etc.. Then i decided to work on the map again so i recreated almost entirely the map brush by brush considering optimization, gameplay and other aspects that will be important at latter stage of the development.And now i revamped some parts of the map, optimized the most played areas, replaced the old textures with nice 1024x1024 ones etc. etc.

This version fixes two small bugs (the empty area next to T base and the abnormal light pointing at the A side)
Map by sawo
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The 'Elm Tree model for Source' (the bigger one next to the ct base) is made by Tomdon.
The other custom props (roof details, grapes etc) are made by sappy.
Feel free to send comments feedback suggestions etc
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