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FY_LORE by Target Practice

- A Fight Yard map.
- The map is my own edited version of the jail in my surf map surf_lore, and as such I gave myself permission to edit it.
- All weapons can be recovered from all open crates in the map, most of which are respawnable.
- The map is based off the 2forts styled gameplay and design.



Originally the jail that featured in surf_lore, I felt that some people may appreciate an fy_ version of the jail as a standalone map.


If you have not played this map before then please give it a quick look, even if you don't surf:


- Many thanks go to DragonRock and Solidsurf.
- Special thanks go to Buck Nasty for the skybox.
- I appreciate the critisisms and ideas throughout the making of this map.
- Thankyou to the entire DragonRock Clan and Community, and specifically Nelioneil.
- Further thanks to Icecreamlock for providing a test server.
- This map is dedicated to myself for allowing me to release this as a seperate map.



- To install the map you will need to copy&paste (or extract the contents of the .rar if you wish) the .BSP file (fy_lore.bsp) into the 'maps' folder.
- To get to this folder you will need to go into:

- Program Files>Steam>Steamapps>counter-strike source>cstrike>maps.

- The .bsp file included in the download should go in your maps folder.

- Load up the game and you should be able to play it.


If you have any problems or queries about this map then feel free to contact me:

- xfire: targetpractice808
- STEAM Friends: Target Practice

Enjoy the map.

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