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Forest Insurrection - Hostage Rescue

Counter-Terrorists: An Elite Rescue Team has been air lifted to an old building at the far end of the valley. Your mission is to rescue the remaining 4 hostages from the terrorist's stronghold and bring them back safely to the
insertion point. If the rescue mission is not going well, there is an old cave that you bring the hostages to where they will be safe.

Terrorists: You were already given a large ransom payment for the hostages but decided to ask for more money. Being that you don't like to hear "no", your group killed one of the hostages and will kill more unless the extra money is delivered!

Funtime is over. Someone must pay!

Map Title : CS Forest Insurrection
Release Date : June 14st, 2008
File name : cs_forest_insurrection_v1.bsp
Author : Redclaw
IM/Email Address :
Website :
Max Players : (32) 16 vs. 16

By way of introduction, I am "Redclaw" and I have spent the last 4 years mapping for AVP2. I also served as a map reviewer for PlanetAVP.
About 6 months ago I jumped in the Half Life 2 and CounterStrike arena feet first. It's been a total blast and I love the HL2 world.
If play AVP2 and would like to check out those maps please PM me.


Unzip the files cs_forest_insurrection_v1.bsp:
SteamSteamapps<>counter-strike sourcecstrikemaps

Changing the map name from "cs_forest_inssurection_v1.bsp" to anything else will cause
all the special visual effects (specularity) to stop working as the cubemaps have been compiled
for this map filename only. Basically the map will look like crap if you change it's name.

HL2 Deathmatch Maps by Redclaw:


Other Notes:

Please feel free to email me ( with suggestions and bugs you might find in my maps.

I run a dedicated server called "Redclaws Dedicated Source Server", please come join anytime.

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

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