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Counterstrike Source (CSS)
TITLE**: CSS Map - de_sand (Bomb defusal)
AUTHOR**: Predulus

FILENAME: de_sand.bsp
FILESIZE: 3,531 kb
DATE RELEASED: 6th July 2006
CREDITS**: Testers: [REAL] Akichiy, [REAL] Ero, Red[Music], Ltk.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Just drop de_sand.bsp in your maps folder. It contains everything you need.

DESCRIPTION**: In the Wild Wild West, lone gunslinger "Blondie", Mexican bandit "Tuco the Rat" and the deadly ex army man "Angel Eyes" find themselves on a collision course, when they each try to find a lost gold shipment. The amazing graveyard finale will live on forever in cinematic history. Now, some 150 years later, terrorists have heard about the gold hidden in the unmarked grave, and are hell-bent on finding it. If the CT's make it too hard, however, they'll settle on some mercenary work in blowing up the nearby army bridge.
Inspired by the legendary Clint Eastwood movie "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", de_sand is a small, tight map, yet with ample cover and sniping spots. You can even go pray in the chapel if things get too much. Challenge for spectators...find the hidden credits screen.

BUGS: The bot_nav under the bridge can be a bit flaky at times.

COMMENTS: I have been mapping for a while, but this is my first public release. I am putting it out as a beta, so please email me at mapping_predator@ h o t mail dt cm (despammed) if you have any comments or suggestions. I designed it small and tight to up the tension - people who have tried it so far have liked it - I hope you do too.

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