Counter-Strike: Source, review by DeusExVis

I'm an old-school CS 1.5 guy...

...So when I say things have gotten better, I mean I know its gotten better. CS 1.5, gods bless it, is still alive and well in some circles (kinda like Asteroids for the older generation, I think). CS 1.6 is as well, as far as I can tell. However, these guys need to try CS:S, if they haven't already. The Source physics engine makes the game; the ballistics are on par with a simulation of real firearms, the need to find hard cover is immediately apparent (BOOM! Headshot!), and tactically, one has to actually apply room-clearing doctrine (if one can call it that) in order to survive. Its a challenge, even for an Army man like myself, simply because the pace is fast, the blood flies a LOT, and the lead is thick in the air. My only problems are with the prevalence of cheating on many servers, luckily fixed on some servers with the VAC software. All-around, an outstanding addition to the Source family.
Posted on 12/17/2007 15:14
9.2 perfect