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TITLE: Ninja Symmetrical Warehouse
AUTHOR: Arian Bemani AKA BownchickiwowoW

FILENAME: ab_warehouse_beta1.bsp
FILESIZE: 1,155 kb
DATE RELEASED: 19 July 2007

CREDITS: I guess all of the credits go to me, my friend Hunter (Kriegster) for helping me with the name, and I guess for Hammer Editor because I used that to make it.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Inside this folder there should be a map called ab_warehouse_beta1, copy and paste or drag it into
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps. Then just start up Counter-Strike: Source and you on your way to play this map.

DESCRIPTION: This map is a pretty dark map. If you want to get the best results turn your gamma all the way up in Options -> Video -> Adjust Brightness Levels. I like to think of it as a ninja map, mainly because it is really dark and has lights only on the sides of the buildings and some on the top ladder-tube. There are two rooms, one is a basic blocked one so the teams dont meet right away. The top room is just an empty room with just two lights in the middle. There is a tube at the very top of the map, when it heads down it turns into a ladder that you can climb up or down. But beware for the enemy can shoot you while you are in it.

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