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Here's a Remake of the 420 Deagle from 1.6

I never played 1.6, nor did I see a picture of the original 420 deagle,

I made this based on my friends description, and my own initiative, but I still think it's pretty good.

I know that there are some problems with it, hence it being beta, if there is something you would like me to

add for the next release, or if you see something that's off-center or something,

feel free to contact me @ or add me to your steam friends with the ID: TakaKnapp, or find me on the

=CmG= servers

to install:

drop the materials folder into C:Program FilesSteamsteamappsusernamecounter-strike sourcecstrike and answer yes to any prompts asking you to overwrite

--------------------------------------------------------------------- //

=CmG= Mr. ><(('>

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