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This mod is made so kids can enjoy killing just as much as i do, but in a friendly and nicer way

How to install :

EXIT STEAM - rightclick steam icon and exit

Go to your "steam/half life 2" folder

C:/programfiles/Steam/steamapps/your account name/counter-strike source/cstrike

Take bacup of those folders :


(Don't panic if some folders named above is missing on your computer)

Cut and paste them to another folder or partition (this is your backup files).Put them back whenever you want your old css back.

Extract this rar file and the folders will pop up again (for some of you,there will be some new folders you didn't had before)

Start steam and run counter strike : source (it is now replaced with cartoon strike)

Remember: you can always remove the folders and put back your backup files to get your normal css back again

If you want blood: extract the "BLOOD.rar" file to your cstrike folder,but do this after the other file has extracted

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