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Author: dDefinder

dD's Blood decals pack

New Blood Textures on walls and floor. Including gunshot wounds.

Comes with 3 different types of blood of your choice:
blood 1 In between realistic and excessive blood
blood 2 More realistic blood
blood 3 More excessive blood
each comes with a alternate lighter blood color.

-To install
Pick either to move the files inside blood 1, blood 2 or blood 3 folder
(but not all) into:
...SteamSteamApps[username]counter-strike sourcecstrikematerialsdecals
Move the flesh folder in the same place as above.
Make your backup if you dont want your things to get replaced.

to install the lighter version delete Decals_Mod2x
then rename Decals_Mod2xlighter to Decals_Mod2x

-To uninstall
Delete blood1 - blood8 and decals_mod2x from decals folder
Delete Blood1 - Blood5 and Blood1_subrect - Blood5_subrect from flesh folder
Must include my name as the author of this. do not steal or modifi textures
without Permission.

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