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Morbid_Murder (or C A T H O D E)



I didn't like the default voice-commands for CSS, they sound really tired :p So I decided to make a voicepack. I looked through every voiceover in the game "FEAR" and found many voiceovers I could use. I'm really satisfied with the way it came out; I was able to find a replacement for every voicecommand in CSS.

Also, changed the "CT/T win" and "Rounddraw" to lil blips from HL2. One more thing: I removed the "Fire in the hole!" voice; its annoys me
so much so now they're gone ^_^ If you want it back just delete the CT_Fireinthehole.wav from the zip.


Simply extract the zip file here:

C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppsYOUR-NAMEcounter-strike sourcecstrike

Enjoy ^_^

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