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CS:S Realistic SFX v1 by Matthew Di Prinzio

Valve :)

The creator of the series of HL2 SFX packs has now set his sights on Counter Strike: Source! This build changes the footsteps, adding the sound of your gear moving while you run. It also changes the reload noises of the M4A1, AWP, Ak47, Desert Eagle, Glock, and Scout. Also the USP pistol has sounds, along with the Desert Eagle "deploynoise, or the sound it makes when yout ake out the gun. With the great rack record of the HL SFX sound pack, this sound pack is one to watch.

Drop the file into SteamApps>your email>Counter-strike: source> cstrike

Sounds Included:
(v1)New footsteps: All the sounds are the defualt cs:s footprints except you can hear your equipment "jingle".
(v1)Enhanced Kevlar "zip up" sound.
(v1)New usp sounds
(v1)Enhanced deagle deploy sound
(v1)m4a1, awp, ak47, deagle, glock, and scout have a remixed clipout sound. Essentialy its the same defualt sound but you can now hear him open a pouch after the clip falls out.


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