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CS:S Realistic SFX v3 by Matthew Di Prinzio

(got some sounds from credited with them:
-"Valve & Vunsunta"
-"HK, modified by ziomek jebiesuki nabosaka"

(sounds from csbanana)people credited with them:

additional sounds from Valve

Drop the file into SteamApps>your email>Counter-strike: source> cstrike

Sounds Included:
(v1)New footsteps: All the sounds are the defualt cs:s footprints except you can hear your equipment "jingle".
(v1)Enhanced Kevlar "zip up" sound.
(v1)New usp sounds
(v1)Enhanced deagle deploy sound
(v1)m4a1, awp, ak47, deagle, glock, and scout have a remixed clipout sound. Essentialy its the same defualt sound but you can now hear him open a pouch after the clip falls out.
(v2)All of the pouch sounds have been enhanced. The rifles have been remixed so that they play on the left side of your speakers (or headphones) and the pistols pouch sound have been remixed to the right so that they give you the feeling that he is reaching to the left side of his vest for his primary ammo and to the right for his secondary ammo.
(v2)Deagle deploy sound starts off at the right (giving the feeling that the holster is on his right leg) then the sound pans to the center.
(v2)New fiveseven, glock, and p228 slideback/release sounds.
(v2)New shooting sounds for scout and shotgun
(v3)Enhanced reload sounds
(v3)Enhanced grenade pinpull sound
(v3)New weapon switching sound
(v3)New c4 sounds
(v3)Some new slide sounds for usp/glock
(v3)new shotgun reload and pumping sounds
(v3)New empty "click" sound for pistol


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