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O..k.. This mod basically changes your footstep sounds, and all the weapon sounds to much better ones which I have put together. The sounds are mainly from Ghost Recon and Americas Ary, which makes them sound incredible. I've also edited the sounds so they fit the animation on the weapon nearly perfectly. For example, when you put the new P-90 clip into the weapon, you can see the character "wiggling" the clip in, so in the sound, you can hear the clip being moved about. This makes the sounds suit the animations and the game very nicely. Enjoy ;)


Just extract the file to you CS Source sound mod folder (usually located here):

C:Program FilesValveSteamSteamAppsYOUR STEAM ACCOUNT NAMEcounter-strike sourcecstrikesound

NOTE: If the "Sound" folder isn't in the "cstrike" folder, just create the folder and extract the zip into it.

There, job done.

Stuff to say

Yes you can use this in your own modifications if you like coz I really don't mind at all. Only if you do use it, can you please state in your credits that the sounds were provided by me? Thanks.


Wanna get hold of me? Erm, ok. These are my contact details below:

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