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Counter Strike Source

Title: CSS sound pack - Real Recorded Gunshot sounds
Author: jclewis
Filesize: 2.15 MB
DATE RELEASED: 10 June 2006
Credits: Knob Creek shooting range, Ubisoft & Raven Sheild

If you have always wanted real gunshot sounds , then this is your lucky day.
For those real gunshot sound enthusiasts out there you will know this is the real deal.
Infact it doesnt matter how you like the sounds because you can be assured of one
thing, they ARE the real thing. These sounds have been recorded from REAL guns.
No made up sounds here. A few of the guns that have been hard to get a hold
of have come from Rainbow Six Ravensheild since it is one of those few games
that actually has real recorded gunshot sounds. If genuine gunshot sounds is your thing
and not all of that hollywood "boom" "boom" stuff, then THIS mod is for you.


Simply extract the 'sound' folder to:
../SteamApps/(YOUR Name)/counter-strike source/cstrike/

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