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Crashtastic HQ (PC)

Crashtastic is a physics based vehicle sandbox game. The goal is simple... build fully destructible vehicles to help your robotic rag doll companion accomplish goals in the challenge mode, or torture him in the sandbox mode by building the most convoluted series of ramps, quarter pipes, walls, and watching him crash at insane speeds.

Available on: PC PC Rank: 2814 / 5,981  | Overall Rank: 4850 / 14,370

Game tags: Modern Times, Platform, Car

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Fifteen games have been greenlit for Steam, Valve has announced, and included among the games is Satellite Reign, a spiritual successor to the classic management RPG/strategy game Syndicate, a remake of the classic puzzle game The 7th Guest, and Nekro, a weird Dungeon Keeper-style game in which the player raises the dead for troops.
Posted: 09.08.2013 by JonahFalcon
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