Mod: Rise of Empires 1.10
This mod allows you to turn any five Duchies into a Kingdom, and any four Kingdoms into an Empire.

Titular Kingdoms and Empires also gain the ability to prevent direct and secondary vassals from warring each other or anyone with high enough crown law.
  File Name: Rise of Empires     Author: Adohleas
  File Size: 8.56 MB   Files Added: 2
  Downloads: 6,539 (4 last week)   Author Downloads: 8,359 (5 last week)
  Posted: 05.04.2012   Supporters: 5 (+1 Add)
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By Onac (I just got here) on Jun 02, 2012
Worked great, but I stopped using it, because it removed the Catholic religion from the game.
By ItzGBby (I just got here) on Jun 14, 2012
This file doesn't download right ive tried multiple times is there an alternative link??
By Onac (I just got here) on Jun 27, 2012
After I added the latest patch, the previous issue about the Catholic religion which I have mentioned seized.

However, I have found another thing which I don't really like. I have found out that kings are able to create empires even if they don't have 4 kingdom titles, just by paying a large ammount of money. This should be fixed, I think.
By Grolan (I just got here) on Jul 31, 2012
Why can't I download anything from this site? I love these mods, but I just can't download any of them. There are people noticing, but nobody seems to answer. Please help us. ):
By lopiko (I just got here) on Feb 19, 2013
Doesnt work. When im forming an kingdom/empire just an random man arrives at my court. It's everything. No new kingdom/empire. Piece of crap.