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What this mod allows you to do:
-Turn any five Duchies into a Kingdom.
-Turn any four Kingdoms into an Empire, Including Duchy Kingdoms.
-High enough Crown Laws allow Titular Kingdoms and Empires to prevent their direct and secondary vassals from warring each other or anyone, with the exception of plots/dispose/independence.
-Lithuanians and Russians have Grand Duchies for their Kingdom titles.
-All Religions are playable(Requires 1.04 and up).
-HRE and ERE will struggle if played by the AI to prevent "blobbings".

Restrictions for Empire and Kingdom creation:
-Kings and Emperors cannot create new Kingdoms from Duchies.
-Emperors cannot create new Empires from Kingdoms.
-AI Duchies cannot create Kingdoms under player Emperors.
-Player and AI Kings must be independent from their liege in order to form an Empire.

Your Empire on creation will be an Empire of your primary Kingdom, for example if your playing the Kingdom of Ireland and own a total of at least three other Kingdoms making a total of four, you will gain the ability to enact a decision to form the Irish Empire. You can now do the same for Duchies, with the exception of Duchies requiring five to form a Kingdom.

-Extract content into crusader kings ii\mod folder.
-Check the Rise of Empires box when launching the game

This mod may not be compatible with other mods if they contain the following files:
landed_titles.txt, cb_types.txt, or opinion_modifiers.txt

Version 1.10 4/5/12
-Fixed a problem with Kings and Emperors not being able to declare war for their vassals or claimants who hold a claim on a title outside the realm when Crown Law was Absolute.
-Added stability issues for the Holy Roman Empire and especialy the Byzantine Empire when played by an AI. This should help slow down the HRE and ERE from spreading as much, and the ERE will have a higher chance of slowly being taken apart by the Muslims.
-Slightly tweaked Kingdom and Empire creation for both player and AI, giving the AI an advantage due to their ability to not expand as well as a player.
-Duchy Kingdom new requirements:
-Players Hold 5 total Duchies.
-AI holds 3 total Duchies if independent.
-AI holds 4 duchies if their liege is an Emperor.
-Wealth and Piety cost has not been altered.
-The AI still cannot create Kingdoms under player Emperors to prevent exploiting.
-Empire price changes:
-2000 gold
-1000 prestige
-500 piety
-700 gold
-400 prestige
-Both still require four Kingdoms to create an Empire

Version 1.09b 4/2/12
-Removed a duplicate decision for forming the Finland Empire.
-Creating the Kingdom of Venice no longer forms the Kingdom of Abbasid anymore.

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