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Current version: 3.5b as of 15 April 2012 (for CK II 1.04c and all previous versions)
Latest changes:

Modified the prerequisites and consequences of excommunication to get better results
Fixed a potential CTD (Thanks to Clouddark)
Included the newest version of Ad Limina Apostolorum by rafek
Fixed some bugs
Significantly reduced chance of discovering plots to prevent an exploit of this event
Inlcuded avee's Better rebels mod

Purpose of this mod
This mod shall allow the player to experience the historical correct reality of medieval rulers in 1066. This means that only such duchies, counties, baronies, bishophrics and cities exist at the beginning of any of the two 1066 scenarios of Crusader Kings 2 that really existed in 1066. Therefore, many counties, baronies, bishophrics and cities have also been realigned to depict the historical reality. Furthermore, the character system has been completely reworked to create more realistic relationships based on personal likes and dislikes.

Overall, playing the Holy Roman Emperor or any ruler within the HRE is now much more interesting and realistic. Anyways, this mod is not intended for any scenario starting after 1066!!

List of reworked dominions

Holy Roman Empire (complete rework which is partially based on Darrigan's Lotharingia and Lowlands mod)
Byzantine Empire
Corsica and Sardinia
Hungary (based on Szamovary's Arpadian Age mod)
Poland (based on Raczynski's Poland historical fixes mod)
Pommerania and Prussia
Russia (Grand Principalities of Kievan Rus and Novgorod)
Wales (based on Ijtzoi's Cantrefi mod)

Main Features

Historically correct empires, kingdoms, duchies and counties in all reworked areas (HRE also historically correct below county level).
Very deep gameplay experience due to very detailed dynasty connections and character system.
Wonderful economic diversity within the HRE (Netherlands, Frisia, the Alps and Bohemia are poor compared to the rich North Western Italy and other major cities within the HRE).
Realistic frequency of Crusades.


To achieve the historical reality of 1066, in a first step the Holy Roman Empire was rebuild according to its real situation in 1066. Other empires, kingdoms and countries will follow at later stages (see list of reworked dominions above).

The following changes have been made to CK2 so far besides the mods that I have added to Reality Kings 1066:

Reworked the HRE: Some duchy titles have been removed as they actually did not exist / some provinces were removed from or added to the HRE
Reworked duchies: Counties have been added to and realigned between the duchies
Reworked bishophrics: Bishophrics (at all levels) within the HRE have been put under direct control of the emperor (This resembles the emperor's historical invesiture right. You should now think twice before allowing the pope to name half the rulers of your empire upon his request for investiture.)
Reworked counties: Baronies, bishophrics and cities have been modified, added, deleted and/or realigned within the HRE
The emperor now holds direct baronies and cities within many counties of the HRE as he did in history
Dukes and counts now also hold baronies in counties of other dukes and counts
Reworked Poland (based on Raczynski's Poland historical fixes mod)
Reworked the Western Slavic Tribes to give them their historical strength
Reworked Corsica and Sardinia to resemble their historical situation
Reworked Lotharingia and the Lowlands (partially based on Darrigan's Lotharingia and the Lowlands mod)
Completely reworked opinion modifiers based on latest psychlogical research to enable realistic personal behaviour between the characters in the game
Reworked kingdoms within the Byzantine Empire
Implanted the Grand Principalities of Kievan Rus (which was the major power in Eastern Europe in 1066) and Novgorod
Reworked Hungary (based on Szamovary's Arpadian Age mod)
Reworked Wales (based on Ijtzoi's Cantrefi mod)
Reworked England (based on the_hdk's and SirDraco's Saxon England mod)

It is strongly recommended to delete any old version of this mod before installing the newest version!!

(1) Download the ".zip" archive (the file attached at the end of his post)
(2) Unpack the files into your "crusader kings iimod" folder

Compatibility is provided with the following mods
For the best gameplay experience I recommend to start the mods, which I highlighted in green, together with Reality Kings 1066.

Campaign Map - Culturally different cities
CK2 Heraldry

In case that you wish to use more than 1 of the above mentioned mods together with "Reality Kings 1066", please check in the threads of the respecitve mods whether they are compatible with each other or not.

The following mods are already included in Reality Kings 1066

Ad Limina Apostolorum
An Offer You Can't Refuse
Arpadian Age
Balansegang (just the culture spread feature)
Battle resolution enhanced
Bella Gerant Alii (character system, traits and opinion modifiers have been changed)
Better rebels
Cantrefi (Wales)
Death causes
Hanseatic League
Lotharingia and Lowlands
Mod Mercator (only the landscape)
Poland historical fixes mod
Saxon England (only the map and setup until the victory of William the Conqueror
Syren's Nickname Mod

Reality Kings 1066 is included in the following mods

The Prince and the Thane (but only an older version of Reality Kings 1066)


Version 3.4

Inlcuded the_hdk's and SirDraco's SAXON ENGLAND mod (the map and setup until the victory of William the Conqueror / Very special thanks to Szamovary for merging the maps!)

Version 3.3

Reworked the frequency of Crusades to be more realistic (about 20-40 years)
Fixed a culture spread error which stopped the game
Reworked some marriages and characters within the HRE
Modified the costs for crusades and excommunications
Fixed some problems with seazone and Welsh names
Reworked Pomeralia and Prussia
Reworked the defines.lua file to get more realistic prestige/piety/money costs for actions

Version 3.2

Inlcuded Ijtzoi's Cantrefi (Wales) mod
Inlcuded avee's Death causes mod
Inlcuded the culture spread feature of Meneth's Balansegang mod
Removed the Kingdom of Byzantium within the Byzantine Empire and replaced it with the historical Kingdoms of Epirus and Thessalonika as well as some duchies.

Version 3.1

Inlcuded rafek's Ad Limina Apostolorum mod
Inlcuded Szamovary's Arpadian Age (Hungary) mod
Slightly reworked Poland

Version 3.0

Inlcuded chatnoir17's Hanseatic League mod
Reworked the provinces of Lorraine and Santois as they have been forgotten by me so far
Reworked the kingdoms in North Eastern Europe (Created de jure Grand Pricipality of Novgorod and split Finland between Novgorod and Sweden; gave Estonia to Lithuania even though this is not 100% correct)
Reworked the county and province of Holstein and gave it to the Duke of Brunswick (Saxony)
Inlcuded Zaldax's An Offer You Can't Refuse mod
After some discussions I made Poland an independent duchy again (even though this is arguable)
Now we have a Grand Principality of Kievan Rus ruled by a Grand Prince

Version 2.9

Inlcuded steveuk666's Battle Resolution enhanced mod
Made Poland a duchy of the HRE which it was in fact in 1066
Implanted the Kingdom of Rus which was the major Eastern European power in 1066.

Version 2.8

Realized the archbishops of Trier and Mainz
The baronies/bishophrics/cities which have been added by me now habe their correct names
Fixed the kingdoms within the Byzantine Empire
Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.7

Completely reworked opinion modifiers based on latest psychlogical research to enable realistic personal behaviour between the characters in the game
Completed some character profiles within the HRE (Emperor, Duchess of Tuscany, etc.)
Fixed some character relations according to history within the HRE
Returned back the the rivers of BGA as the rivers of Mercator seemed to be too many

Version 2.6

Reworked De Jure Duchies within the Holy Roman Empire accoridng to history in 1066. As a consequence, the Duke of Lower Lotharingia is back
Fixed some minor ahistorical things. It is really interesting which connections come out in the game once you make it historical..
Added the province of Nice to the Duchy of Provence

Version 2.5

Inlcuded Mod Mercator by Elryck and Arko

Version 2.4

Fixed all errors regarding shuffeled coats of arms (flags)
Inlcuded Syren's Nicknames mod

Version 2.3

Fixed all errors regarding blacked out Byzantine Empire and Wales, shuffeled coats of arms and crash to desktop
Removed the Balansegang mod by Meneth as Meneth disallowed using his mod

Version 2.2

Included the Bella Gerant Alii mod by GAGA Extrem
Included the Lotharingia and Lowlands mod by Darrigan (applied the province files of Reality Kings as the province files of LaL were not historical correct)
Included parts of the Balansegang mod by Meneth (only the parts that relate to the historical setup in 1066, i.e., characters, titles and provinces)

Version 2.0

Completed the rework of the HRE (The mod is now fully playable and works as intended. It is recommended to play it with the latest version of the Bella Gerant Alii mod.)
Optimized rework to guarantee playablity while having the utmost historical reality

Version 1.5

Optimized the Italian part of the HRE
Reworked the remaining provinces of the Italian part of the HRE

Version 1.4

Reworked Austria, Carinthia and North Eastern Italy below county level (actually Italy is a nightmare to mod)
Optimized some provinces below county level within the HRE
Made the archbishop of Bremen a real archbishop by granting him a duchy title
Changed Duchy of Lower Lotharingia to Duchy of Brabant which better resembles the historical facts and prevents wars within the HRE at the beginning of the game

Version 1.3

Reworked Bohemia and Moravia below county level
Fixed the County of Treviso to prevent wars within the HRE at the game start
Reworked some parts of Western Germany below county level

Version 1.2:

Completed rework of all provinces below county level within the Holy Roman Empire from the North down to the Alps
Reworked the Western Pommeranian tribes according to history which makes them significantly stronger to withstand the HRE
Changed Duchy of Saxony to Duchy of Brunswick which better resembles the historical facts and prevents wars within the HRE at the beginning of the game

Version 1.1:

Added Raczynski's mod "Poland (historical fixes mod)" as it provides historical fixes for Poland
Reworked some more counties especially in Northern Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium
Added bishophrics below county level to the direct control of the German Emperor to represent his historical correct right for investiture as well as the historical relevance of bishophrics within the HRE which was to keep the landlords in check

Many hours of work have gone into this, so comments, critics, corrections (please with proofs) and additions (maybe someone is already working on other countries) are welcome! Have fun!

Remember: Savegame compatibility is never assured for new versions, but should be no problem! This mod uses the original map of CK2 and as such certain limitations remain for the mod.

You may use this mod or parts of this mod for own creations.
Just remember to give credit where credit is due.

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