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Featured Titular Titles:
Most Serene Republic of Lucca
Most Serene Republic of San Marino
Most Serene Republic of Genoa
Kingdom of Cornwall
Kingdom of Iceland
Kingdom of Prussia
Kingdom of Mann and the Isles
Kingdom of Mercia
Kingdom of Venice
Kingdom of Wessex
Kingdom of Dublin
Kingdom of Alania
Kingdom of Mallorca
Kingdom of Jorvik
Kingdom of Bosnia
Kingdom of Alania
Kingdom of Pomerania
Kingdom of Trinacria
Kingdom of the Visigoths
Kingdom of Belgium
Kingdom of Asturias
Kingdom of Great Moravia
Kingdom of Algarve
Kingdom of Sardinia
Kingdom of Essex
Kingdom of Kent
Kingdom of East Anglia
Kingdom of Sussex
Kingdom of Khazaria
Archdukedom of Austria
Grand Duchy of Tuscany
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Sultanate of Bawadi Arabia
Sultanate of Lahej
Sultanate of Iraq
Sultanate of Morocco
Sultanate of Oman
Sultanate of Jordan
Sultanate of Bahrain
Sultanate of Rum
Despotate of Epirus
Ottoman Empire
Latin Empire

Open the .zip file. Inside you will see 2 folders:

Sweet Vanilla vX.XX
Vanilla Plus vX.XX

Open the Sweet Vanilla folder if you are running NO OTHER mods.

Open the Vanilla Plus folder if you are running the CK2+ mod. (don't know what this is? You don't have it then :) )

Drop the contents of whichever folder you picked from above into your mods folder (as listed below). You should be dropping a folder called ftt and a file called ftt DIRECTLY into the mod folder. If no mod folder exists, create it

For Steam:
X:/Steam/steamapps/common/Crusader Kings II/mod

/Crusader Kings II/mod

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