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A Total Conversion Mod for Crusader Kings II

In a land where summers last for years and winters last for decades, nine great families struggle for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Take control of a noble house, from the Starks of Winterfell to the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, and win the Iron Throne!

But remember, winter is coming.

Patch 0.1.1 Notes
After a week of work, we've finished work on the first patch! Here's a small sample of what you can expect:

One new scenario, the Crowned Stag, allowing you to skip that messy "War of the Usurper" business.
Many, many bugs fixed
Much tweaking of balance to make wars depend more on battles than on sieges
An improved map, adding Westeros's major roads
Two new CBs - rescue your imprisoned relatives, or pay the iron price
New events and event chains
The first prototype and implementation of our new Duel Engine
An extension to the Megawar system, allowing minor houses to declare for their lord or remain loyal to the Crown
Making - and using - wildfire
Much and more

This patch is essentially an "upgrade pack" for the existing Robert's Rebellion scenario, but we're aware of the stability problems that crop up afterward (specifically, there being too much of it) and our plan is that for our next patch to address those. For now, though, we think you'll find these new features to provide plenty of entertainment.

Cabezaestufa (Project Leader, Map Creator, General Coding Support, Events, DNA, Balancing, Bugfixing, North Content, Misc. Graphics, Team Management)

Scripting & Coding:
Knuckey (Events, Reach Content, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, Bastard-Names, Nightswatch, Maesters and "Megawars")
Rodri (Event, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, Dynasty Tracing, Trial by Combat, Hereditary Valyrian Swords, New Ambitions)
Sunspear (Coding, Events, Riverland Content, Bugfixing, Positioning Tool, Balancing, Misc. Graphics, Household Guard, Dragons)
Galle (Gregory Hayes) (Events, Reach Work, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, DNA, Localisation, New Assassinations Mechanics, the Duel Engine)
Zarine (General Coding Support, New Battle System, Translations, Bugfixing)
Ogaburan (Ran Miller) (Events, Westerlands & Frey Content, Minor Families Filler, DNA, New Education System, Kingsguard, Knights, Bugfixing, Balancing, Misc. Graphics)
Stiener (DanJonMin) (CoA Placeholders, Events, Iron Islands Content, Localization, Misc. Graphics)
Wolfgang Pauli (Maintenance Events, Rescue CB, Testing, CoA Graphics)
Etel (Grell Conversion)
black_imperator (Events)

Edric_Storm (Dynasty CoA Artist, Dynamic CoA Generator Graphics (higher res, new designs), New CoA Templates (fabric banner versions))
Peuri (Portrait Graphics (including concept and design))
dauncosony (Portrait Graphics (including concept and design))
HMAS-Nameless (CoA, Misc. Graphics)
Molleby (CoA Placeholders)
Narf (Iconography & Testing)

Regional Character & Title Allocations.
the_hdk (Crownlands Content, CoA Graphics)
ThePiglet (Dornish Content)
Hroppa (Vale Content)
AlecTrevelyan006 (Stormlands Content, DNA, CoA Placeholders)
Helios Ra: (Stormlands Content)
Jazthesentinel: (Stormlands Content)
Maginor: (Riverlands Content)

Translations & Localization:
Loomis (German Localization)
Osuna (Spanish Localization)
Darkhorse27 (Spanish Localization)
Bysne (Spanish Localization)
FgM (Spanish Localization)
Werther (French Localization)
Stannis (French Localization)
Lord Riusma (Official French Translation of the Books)

Dom (JonSnoooow) (Testing)
Saint_Esteban (Testing)
Ser Ham (Testing)
Smoesville (Testing)
Karuga (Testing)
ItsAtrap (Testing)
Dingo (Testing)
lychnidos (Testing)
Kingsgrave (Testing)
DadeRoyal (Testing)
Benjen Coldwater (Testing)
daddytorgo (Testing)

Special Thanks To:
Grell74 for his original Crusader Kings mod, from which we took many things (spoiler warning)
Paradox Interactive for their great game
George R. R. Martin for his awesome books
Culturally Different Cities for our Dornish city graphics.
Friends and Foes for trait ideas & iconography templates
The Prince and the Thane for some of our ambitions
La Garde de Nuite for help with the French translation.


What is this?
A Game of Thrones is a total conversion mod for Crusader Kings II, based on George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

Who can I play?
You can play as any landed feudal noble in Westeros, as well as the Night's Watch.

You can play as a holy order?
Yes. Although they're not that interesting at the moment. No wildlings yet.

What are some of the new features?
Knights, Maesters, our new "Megawar" system for handling civil wars, the Night's Watch, and a new system for plotting your assassinations are just a few among many.

What scenarios are available?
At the moment, two scenarios are available: Robert's Rebellion, when Robert Baratheon, Eddard Stark, Jon Arryn, Hoster Tully, and Tywin Lannister overthrew the Mad King and brought the Targaryen dynasty to an end, and the Crowned Stag, set in the immediate aftermath of the above, as the reign of King Robert begins. We are looking into other scenarios for future releases.

Is Essos in the mod?
No, and it won't be until Paradox makes republics playable and interesting.

I haven't read all the books. Is it safe for me to play this mod?
The current scenario is set roughly sixteen years before the events of the books, so you should be fine, as long as you keep yourself from reading the information about the Houses in the game over screen (some spoilers can be found in there). The mod's text files themselves, however, do contain spoilers through to A Dance With Dragons, especially the character history files.

I have a copy of the HBO show's opening theme what I acquired completely legitimately. How can I use it as my main menu music?
Convert it to .ogg format, move it to your Crusader Kings IImodA Game of Thronesmusic folder, and rename it crusaderkings2_maintitle

Hey, I noticed some missing shields...
This is technically a beta release.

I'm playing as the North. Why don't I have any boats?
We tried giving the North boats. The Paradox military AI went haywire and spent the entire War of the Usurper taking Ned's troops to the beach instead of actually fighting. So now they're not allowed to have boats anymore.

I am a French speaker, why are the dynasty names in English?
For french users: si vous voulez jouer avec les dynasties traduites, rendez vous dans A Game of Thrones/Traduction dynastie/FAQ où vous trouverez la démarche à suivre pour jouer avec les noms des Maisons en français.


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