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One thing that always bugged me is bigger = gets bigger tendencies in vanilla which is why I play mods like Balansegang and CK2+

Right off the bat in SOI I noticed there is now a Persian Empire and Arabian Empire which span 3-5 countries each. I suppose they are intended to counterbalance the 2 in the Christian world but 4 gigantic empires with huge de jure territories sucks to me.

So until the big boy mods get caught up with all the new stuff, here's a tiny minimod that does the following:

Reduces de jure empire to
HRE : k_germany
ERE: k_byzantium (Thessalonica + parts of Nikaea basically)
Persian: Persia (weird!)
Arabian: Arabia + Egypt

Arabian gets 2 because just Arabia would suck and having Arabian Empire just be in Egypt would be balanced but probably sound really stupid.

I didn't touch the new de jure empires because they don't have a holder off the bat - if you can actually get 50% then I suppose you earned it.

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