Mod: Flavourful Titular Titles v1.18 for CK2 1.06 and CK2+ 1.22

Update available!

Crusader Kings II (1.17 MB)
File name: FTT
Adds a host of titular kingdoms, sultanates and serene republics to add more flavour to the game. This allows you to make yourself a kingdom without losing your identity in some cases.

Compatible with base CK2 1.06 and CK2+ 1.22 mod.
  File Name: FTT     Author: zeress
  File Size: 1.02 MB   Files Added: 13
  Downloads: 292 (1 last week)   Author Downloads: 9,799 (18 last week)
  Posted: 28.06.2012   Supporters: 21 (+1 Add)
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By zeress (SI Member) on Jun 29, 2012
- Updated to be compatible with CK2+ 1.22
- Removed most of the requirements for all titular kingdoms. The majority of titles now require that you are not an emperor, or have less than 2 king titles. Some kingdoms have retained a portion of their restrictions however.
- The Serene Republics can be usurped by non-republics once they become non-titular and you have claimed enough of their land.
By sergiosos77 (I just got here) on Jun 29, 2012
Great! Downloading now :)
By Afrik (I just got here) on Jul 01, 2012
It says fatal error when I try to download it. Could someone please upload this to a different file hosting server? Much obliged
By zeress (SI Member) on Jul 03, 2012
The mod homepage always has mirror links, you can go there.
By robez (I just got here) on Jul 02, 2012
Have you considered to add a kingdom in Sweden?what about Kingdom of Geats or Kingdom of Gutes?It would be a nice feature:)
By zeress (SI Member) on Jul 03, 2012
@Robez I'll look into it, no promises for next version though (might be the one after).
By M2net (I just got here) on Jul 04, 2012
I can't see any change.. i have CK2 v1.06 with ALL DLCs
i open a new single player game; ( mod checked with no other mods ) and i found same kingdoms, same Sultanates.. everything is the same on the map when i wanna choose to play :(((
By zeress (SI Member) on Jul 04, 2012
They are titular, not de Jure. Press F in game and search for any on the list i.e. Press F and type in Oman