Mod: Flavourful Titular Titles v1.22 for CK2 1.06b and CK2+ 1.29.2

Update available!

Crusader Kings II (1.22 MB)
File name: FTT
Adds a host of titular kingdoms, sultanates and serene republics to add more flavour to the game. This allows you to make yourself a kingdom without losing your identity in some cases.

Compatible with base CK2 1.06b and CK2+ 1.29.2 mod.
  File Name: FTT     Author: zeress
  File Size: 1.18 MB   Files Added: 13
  Downloads: 1,032 (2 last week)   Author Downloads: 9,805 (16 last week)
  Posted: 21.09.2012   Supporters: 21 (+1 Add)
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By zeress (SI Member) on Sep 21, 2012
[*]Updated to be compatible with CK2+ 1.29.2
[*]Cleaned up the requirements for the Saxon kingdoms. They now require you to not be a king and independent.
By LordM (I just got here) on Oct 29, 2012
Hi there, like your mod its great, is there going to be an update for it to be compatible with the new dlc and update of the game? 'couse its not working for me anymore:)
By zeress (SI Member) on Oct 29, 2012
it's available on the homepage, a new version won't be updated till the CK2+ module is updated and stable.
By LordM (I just got here) on Oct 31, 2012
thx, can u update it here to?