Mod: Flavourful Titular Titles v1.24.2 for CK2 1.08 and CK2+ v1.32.12
Adds a host of titular kingdoms, sultanates and serene republics to add more flavour to the game. This allows you to make yourself a kingdom without losing your identity in some cases.

Compatible with base CK2 1.08 and CK2+ v1.32.12
  File Name: FTT     Author: zeress
  File Size: 1.22 MB   Files Added: 13
  Downloads: 3,484 (3 last week)   Author Downloads: 9,818 (17 last week)
  Posted: 26.11.2012   Supporters: 21 (+1 Add)
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By zeress (SI Member) on Nov 26, 2012
Version 1.24
[*]Updated Sweet Vanilla for 1.08 Compatibility
[*]Updated Vanilla Plus for 1.32.11 Compatibility

Version 1.24.1
[*]Updated Vanilla Plus for 1.32.12 Compatibility
[*]Fixed a consistency issue with k_naples (available to all Sicilian sub-types in vanilla plus module)

Version 1.24.2
[*]Fixed issues caused for people that do not own (or have enabled) the "Sunset Invasion" DLC
[*]Cleaned up some extraneous files in both version.
By Mitza8 (I just got here) on Jul 12, 2013
„Please select server” while trying to download.Any help?
By dakzo (I just got here) on Jul 19, 2013
Yeah How do I download when it says "Please select server"??
By Mitza8 (I just got here) on Jul 25, 2013
Damn ,can't you upload it somewhere else?
By VenomBlood4 (I just got here) on Nov 12, 2013
I'm not able to download. "We are sorry, this file is temporarily not available to download." Should I just be patient?