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Featured Titular Titles:
[*]Most Serene Republic of Lucca
[*]Most Serene Republic of San Marino
[*]Most Serene Republic of Genoa
[*]Kingdom of Candia
[*]Kingdom of Austria
[*]Kingdom of Tuscany
[*]Kingdom of Romania
[*]Kingdom of Khazaria
[*]Kingdom of Cornwall
[*]Kingdom of Iceland
[*]Kingdom of Prussia
[*]Kingdom of Mann and the Isles
[*]Kingdom of Mercia
[*]Kingdom of Venice
[*]Kingdom of Wessex
[*]Kingdom of Dublin
[*]Kingdom of Alania
[*]Kingdom of Mallorca
[*]Kingdom of Jorvik
[*]Kingdom of Bosnia
[*]Kingdom of Alania
[*]Kingdom of Pomerania
[*]Kingdom of Trinacria
[*]Kingdom of the Visigoths
[*]Kingdom of Belgium
[*]Kingdom of Asturias
[*]Kingdom of Great Moravia
[*]Kingdom of Algarve
[*]Kingdom of Sardinia
[*]Kingdom of Essex
[*]Kingdom of Kent
[*]Kingdom of East Anglia
[*]Kingdom of Sussex
[*]Kingdom of Upper Burgundy
[*]Kingdom of Provence
[*]Carthaginian Empire (Player ONLY)
[*]Gallic Empire (Player ONLY)
[*]Archdukedom of Austria
[*]Grand Duchy of Tuscany
[*]Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
[*]Sultanate of Bawadi Arabia
[*]Sultanate of Lahej
[*]Sultanate of Iraq
[*]Sultanate of Morocco
[*]Sultanate of Oman
[*]Sultanate of Jordan
[*]Sultanate of Bahrain
[*]Sultanate of Rum
[*]Unified Tribes of the Sami
[*]Despotate of Epirus
[*]Latin Empire
[*]Ottoman Empire
[*]March of Spain

Open the .zip file. Inside you will see 2 folders:

Sweet Vanilla vX.XX
Vanilla Plus vX.XX

Open the Sweet Vanilla folder if you are running NO OTHER mods.

Open the Vanilla Plus folder if you are running the CK2+ mod. (don't know what this is? You don't have it then :) )

Drop the contents of whichever folder you picked from above into your mods folder (as listed below). You should be dropping a folder called ftt and a file called ftt DIRECTLY into the mod folder. If no mod folder exists, create it

C:\Users\\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod

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